PACMA calls for a third international act against the octopus farm of Nueva Pescanova

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Since we found out the New Pescanova project was to open the world’s first octopus farm in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we have not stopped fighting what we consider an aberration. Huddle thousands of these animals is cruelty and an unacceptable step back, as numerous experts from different fields have warned, so we are doing our best to prevent it.

Therefore, on May 25th we called again a great international act against the octopus farm, as we already did in 2022 and 2023 with the support of animal protection organisations from all over the world.

It will be developed in several countries simultaneously and coordinated.

The protest will be silent and we will proceed to read a manifesto about the features of the octopus, being intelligent and sensitive animals that should not be exploited. Moreover the Canary Islands government will be asked not to grant the fishing company the necessary permits which will prevent the completion of this macro octopus farm.

Dozens of international and national organisations including Greenpeace, have joined the event in support of the #Savetheoctopuses campaign, that we have been developing for over two years, even at the administrative level: in May 2022 and with the support of 100 organisations of Animal and environmental protection, Pacma presented a plea to the animal and environmental well -being authority of the island, showing being seriously compromised with this cease of Pescanova project.

In Spain, this event will take place at 6:00 p.m. (5:00 p.m. in the Canary Islands) on Saturday, May 25th.

The meeting points will be published on the Animalist Party website once all collaborations are closed!

Due to the lack of legislation regarding the welfare of these animals, the latest information published in the press
suggests that the chosen slaughter method could be death by hypothermia by drastically reducing the temperature of the tanks. This, added to the unpredictable forecast of spills that this farm could generate, has set off alarms in the scientific community.

From PACMA, PETA and the following signatory entities, we request that the Government of the Canary Islands deny the permits requested by Nueva Pescanova and rejects the general execution of the project.

Cities participating in the event:

  • Las Palmas (Spain)
  • Ciudad Real (Spain)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Toronto (Canada)
  • London (United Kingdom)
  • Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Helsinki (Finland)
  • Jalisco (Mexico)
  • Uppsala (Sweden)
  • Quito (Ecuador)

Manifesto: #Savetheoctopuses

Dozens of representative organizations of the animalist and environmental movement around the world give voice to the octopus. We have joined together to show our rejection of the opening of the world’s first octopus farm that aims to open the New Pescanova company in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The octopus are amazing animals, as Elena Lara, CIWF research director has shown. They are lonely and very intelligent creatures. To sentence these animals to live over crammed into tanks without stimuli, would seriously affect their development and well-being, adding that this will lead to a cannibalistic behaviour among them due to the large number of individuals intended to be kept In the same tanks. The octopus have a great sensitivity, they feel pain and emotions similar to humans.

They are lonely beings, we cannot and must not keep them crammed into tanks to then execute them. Additionally, we must not feed them with fodder that are not sustainable for the environment. We cannot sentence them to that misery.

Much of the scientific community rejects this nonsense and raises their voices against this atrocity. Jennifer Mather, from the University of Lethbridge in Canada, determines that for the octopus «intensive breeding systems are inevitably hostile.»

In «Intensive octopus breeding: a recipe for disaster», Dr. Elena Lara points out the non -existent legislation that should protect octopus welfare in the farms, leave them totally unprotected against suffering and the cruel methods of sacrifice. It would be a great irresponsibility from our legislators to allow this to happen.

All animal exploitation is contrary to ethics, but doing so in a situation of legal helplessness is to completely turn our back to a society that walks towards the defense of animal rights.

We need, we demand, a fair society for animals, where respect, ethics and empathy are fundamental pillars. Octopus and all other animals need it urgently.

We demand that the corresponding administrations do not allow neither in the Canary Islands nor any other places, to suffer from the dishonor of the opening of these octopus macro farms. When injustice becomes evident, it is our duty to face it and make a change, so:

  • We demand this project not to be allowed because it will sentence hundreds of thousands of animals to cruelty and mistreat.
  • We demand that the Port Authority of Las Palmas, the Government of the Canary Islands and the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria do not allow this project that will be carried out by the New Pescanova company.
  • We demand commitment, sensitivity and political responsibility. The cease of this aberration is in their hands.

We believe that other forms of human food are much more ethical and sustainable, being the only ones that will lead us to have a planet in peace.

We are the change and we can make it happen!

Signing entities

  1. Acción felina San Bartolomé de Tirajana (Spain)
  2. Acción Océanos (International)
  3. Adopta un amigo Gran Canaria (Spain)
  4. Agrupación de los animales de Mexico. APASDEM (Mexico)
  5. Anima Naturalis (International)
  6. Animal Friend Croatia (Croatia)
  7. Animal Justice Party (Australia)
  8. Animal Justice Party of Finland
  9. Animal Save Riga (Latvia)
  10. Animal Save Toronto (Canadá)
  11. Animal Welfare Party (United Kingdom)
  12. Awakening Compassion (England)
  13. Centro de Rescate Animal Santuario Sierra del Cielo (Argentina)
  14. Colectivo Antiespecista de México (Mexico)
  15. Conciencia Solidaria ONG (Argentina)
  16. Eurogroup for the animals (International)
  17. El Taller – La Isleta (Spain)
  18. Leyre por los Peludos (Spain)
  19. Movimiento animalista nacionalista de Ecuador (Ecuador)
  20. NARD (International)
  21. Naturaleza Animal (Mexico)
  22. Protección Animal Ecuador (Ecuador)
  23. Engatusados (Spain)
  24. FAUDA (Spain)
  25. Gatos de la calle en Gran Canaria (Spain)
  26. Greenpeace (International)
  27. Instituto Jane Goodall (International)
  28. Liberación Animal Gran Canaria (Spain)
  29. Red Vegana Antiespecista (Mexico)
  30. Salva un podenco (Spain)
  31. Santuario The Animal Academy (Spain)
  32. TAVA (Toronto Antivivisection Alliance) (Canada)
  33. Voces Animalistas (Spain)
  34. Vegan Strike Group (Holland)
  35. We the free (International)
  36. World Vegan Chalking (International)
  37. Zooteka (Latvia)

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  1. Xaviera Sanchez

    Los animales merecen ser respetados y dejarlos en paz. Los humanos están destruyendo todo. Basta con esto!!

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