Stop Octopus Farm: We call for a new international action against the octopus farm in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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Since we became aware of Nueva Pescanova’s project to start the world’s first octopus farm in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, PACMA have not stopped campaigning against what we consider to be an aberration: as many experts from different fields have pointed out, cramming thousands of these animals is cruel and an intolerable step backwards.

For this reason, we are calling for a massive international action against the octopus farm on 23th  April, as we did a year ago, with the support of animal protection organisations from all over the world.

We need your support to stand up for octopuses and  raise our voices. To join us please write to sending your logo, we will soon be publishing more information about locations and times for this big event.

Manifiesto: #StopOctopusFarm

Hundreds of leading organisations of the animal rights global movement are giving a voice to the octopuses. We have come together to show our rejection to the opening of the first octopus farm in the world that Nueva Pescanova is planning to open in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Octopuses are amazing animals, as Elena Lara, CIWF’s research director, has shown. They are solitary and extremely intelligent, to condemn these animals to live in a tank, isolated and without stimulation, would seriously affect their well-being and overall development.

Octopuses are highly sensitive and feel pain and emotions similar to humans.

They are solitary beings, we cannot and should not put them in tanks and then execute them later, we cannot sentence them to such suffering.

The international scientific community rejects this atrocity and speaks out against it. Jennifer Mather, from the University of Lethbridge in Canada, claims that «intensive farming systems are inevitable hostile for octopuses».

In «Intensive Octopus Farming: A Recipe for Disaster», Dr. Elena Lara states the lack of welfare legislation to protect octopuses on farms, leaving them totally defenseless from suffering and the cruel slaughter methods. It would be irresponsible for lawmakers to allow this.

All animal exploitation is unethical, but to do so in a position of legal impunity is to ignore a society that is moving towards the defence of animal rights.

We want a fairer society for animals, where respect, ethics and empathy are the fundamental pillars. Octopuses and all other animals need it urgently.

We call on the authorities of the Canary Islands not to allow this or any other place to be dishonoured by opening these slaughter facilities.

When injustice is evident it is our responsibility to stand up against it, therefore:

– We are urging an immediate end to this project that will enslave and condemn hundreds of thousands of animals.

– We demand that the port authority of Las Palmas, the Government of the Canary Islands and the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to immediately stop this project that Nueva Pescanova intends to carry out.

– We demand a political commitment, sensitivity and responsibility, as it is in their hands to stop this disaster.

As long as we continue to spread death and pain there will be no peace on this planet. We are the change, we can make it together.

Supporting organisations

  1. Awakening Compassion (UK)
  2. Anima Naturalis (Internacional)
  3. World Vegan Chalking (Internacional)
  4. Adopta un amigo en GC (España)
  5. Salva un podenco (España)
  6. Gatos de la calle en Gran Canaria (España)
  7. Zidana Animales Canarias (España)
  8. Carabrecol (España)
  9. Liberación Animal Gran Canaria (España)
  10. Los amigos de Blondie (España)
  11. Free Fox (España)
  12. Engatusados en Gran Canaria (España)
  13. Animal Rebellion Barcelona (España)
  14. Antropología de la vida animal (España)
  15. Animal Friends Croacia (Croacia)
  16. Agrupación de los animales de México-APASDEM (México)
  17. Perros sin ayuda (España)
  18. Voces Animalistas (España)
  19. Gatopción (España)
  20. FAUDA (España)
  21. Red Vegana Antiespecista (México)
  22. Movimiento Animalista Nacionalista de Ecuador (Ecuador)
  23. Protección Animal Ecuador (Ecuador)
  24. Unión Vegetariana Española (España)
  25. Chimo-Asociación Sociocultural Agrícola Animalista (España)
  26. Acción Felina-Asociación de gestores de San Bartolomé de Tirajana (España)
  27. ONG Nueva Esperanza (España)
  28. 7 días por 7 vidas. (España)
  29. Observatorio de Derecho Animal (Argentina)
  30. Un hogar antes del arco iris (España)
  31. Asociación animalista Canis Proficio (España)
  32. Asociación Vida Animal Gran Canaria (España)
  33. Riga Animal Save (Letonia)
  34. Zootēka (Letonia)
  35. Scrap Factory Farming (UK)
  36. Garrotxa Vegana (España)
  37. Humane Being (UK)
  38. PETA (Internacional)
  39. Acción Océanos (Internacional)
  40. Instituto Jane Goodall (Internacional)
  41. Protectora Sara (España)
  42. Animal Save Gran Canaria (España)
  43. Vegan Activist Alliance (USA)
  44. Tutela Felina (España)
  45. We The Free (UK)
  46. Gran Canaria Climate Save (España)
  47. Animal Save International (Internacional)
  48. Plant Based Treaty (Internacional)
  49. Aquatic Life International (Internacional)
  50. Unión Vegana Argentina (Argentina)
  51. Defensa Animal Tenerife (España)
  52. Animalistas Unidas de Madrid-ANUMA (España)
  53. Asociación para la Protección y Defensa de los Derechos de los Animales de Garafia (España)
  54. El Juaclo (España)
  55. Recréandome (España)
  56. ABAMA Pozuelo (España)
  57. Compassion in World Farming (Internacional)
  58. Toronto Health Save Movement (Canadá)
  59. Gen V (Internacional)
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