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Spain's Political Party for the Animals (PACMA in its Spanish initials) is the voice represents and defends the rights and welfare of animals.

Our work is to raise awareness of the plight of animals in Spain via activism, information and reporting, with the goal of changes to the law. We want a world where animals also count.

Our movement is growing steadily, and PACMA has been taking its proposals onto the political scene.

What are we doing to stop the Burning Bull 'celebration'

- For years PACMA has filmed the 'Toro Jubilo' of Medinaceli and through the media has condemned the cruelty of this 'celebration'.

- Between 2009 and 2011 we delivered more than 67,000 signatures to the authorities responsible for allowing this barbaric 'event'.

- Spanish society's rejection of such 'tradition' is now clamorous and has become the majority stance. It’s time for authorities to ban such acts, which also take place in Catalonia and Valencia

Other campaigns about cruelty to bulls

Break a spear – Rompe una lanza

The 'Toro de la Vega' is a 'tradition' in Tordesillas, Spain. Hundreds of people armed with spears chase, harass and lance the bull until eventually, exhausted, it collapses and dies. This dreadful image has come to symbolise animal abuse in Spain.

In 2011 we started a campaign supported by well-known people from different walks of life, including many from the worlds of culture, sport and television.

We have proven that the vast majority of Spaniards want to see an end to the Toro de la Vega torture, but the politicians who allow this brutality to happen remain indifferent. So we have been forced to take legal action.

In 2012, PACMA filed several lawsuits to make illegal a 'celebration' that is in breach of regulations. This litigation is still in progress, and legal delays and appeals could mean there won´t be a decision for another two years. Meanwhile, hundreds of people have joined the protests since PACMA started them in 2003. Thanks to people arriving from every Spanish region, the protest in Tordesillas each September against the agonising death of the Toro de la Vega has become the icon of social rejection of animal abuse in Spain.
Today, an overwhelming majority is against this so-called 'tradition'.


Not with my taxes – No con mis impuestos

In July 2013 we launched the campaign Not With My Taxes. It aims to uncover all the public money that is given to subsidise bullfighting in Spain. Thousands of bullfights are held every year in our country, part-financed by municipalities and regional governments. Using taxpayers' money.

It is estimated that each year more than 600 million euros are spent to finance bullfighting across the country. In the Andalusia region alone, bullfighting interests could be receiving more than 20 million euros to finance bullfights and other related 'festivities', according to a report prepared by PACMA in 2011.

But we want to know, officially, and with full disclosure, exactly how much of our tax is used to fund animal torture in Spain.


About Firebulls

"Toro Jubilo" is a event held in the Spanish town of Medinaceli. In this `celebration´ (as the video on this site shows) a bull has to endure having flammable material attached to both its horns, then set alight. The restrained animal is then untied from the stake at which it was roped. The bull suffers panic and has no way to extinguish the tar-like burning torches, which drop flaming material on its body. `Brave´ young men taunt it as a crowd looks on. If this were not cruel enough, the animal is further disoriented by fireworks exploding around it.

We demand the end of this terrible spectacle in the guise of 'entertainment'.

In addition to this event in the Castilla-León region, burning bull "fiestas" also take place in Catalonia and in the Valencia region. Both HSI and the Partido Animalista (PACMA) condemn all situations which cause stress and panic to bulls.

Sign the petition:

1 people alredy signed.

"I call on politicians in Castilla y León, Spain, to stop the terrible 'celebration' known as Fire Bull Fiesta, or 'Toro Jubilo', in Medinaceli, (Soria), where a bull tied to a post with ropes has flaming torches attached to its horns."

"This brutal spectacle can last up to 40 minutes for the `entertainment´ of the people in the town square. As the terrified animal tries to escape, with its head literally on fire, he is further tormented by spectators exploding fire-crackers near him."

Thank you very much for supporting PACMA, the Pro-Animals Party. PACMA will present the signatures to the authorities in Castilla-and-Leon who allow this bloody fire torture to happen. Leading an innocent animal to such a horrendous death has no place in Europe today.

Please consider making a donation now. PACMA needs your financial support to end these horrible 'celebrations' in Spain.

Please visit pacma.es and share this information as widely as you can.

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